WE need to downsize. My Spouse/Partner says, ‘No Way’. HELP! (Part 4 of 5)

If you’re just jumping into this Blog series, I encourage you to go back and read Parts 1-3.  I’ve been sharing about my experiences as a residential Realtor® working with the Over-55 homeowner.  No matter how much we love a cherished home, age and health catches often force a decision to consider downsizing.  Relationship problems arise when the recognition of a need to slow down and “move down” the housing ladder is not reached at the same time by two partners.


In my previous Blogs I offered suggestions for countering resistance points #1-4. Today we are going to look at #5.


5) Fear of the unknown: I don’t want to give up what I know for a future I don’t know.  As we age change becomes more difficult.  We know our streets.  We know our mail delivery person. We greet Larry at the deli in our grocery store.  We know and trust our neighbors.   Starting over is hard and not a welcome task for many.


This challenge is tackled by turning and “unknown” into a “known.”  Fear is often based in lack of knowledge.  I recommend visiting some of the communities under consideration.  If you are considering retirement communities attend a ‘lunch and learn’ or tour the community.  Ask to speak to a resident who faced the same challenges.  The staff at these centers understand the fear you face and are ready to answer questions.  If you are considering a purchase of a smaller, single-family home, patio home, or condo contact a good Realtor® who has knowledge of the differences in these kinds of housing and what they offer you.  I have often introduced the “nervous new-bies” to my clients who already live in a community under consideration.  This firsthand, empathetic knowledge is often the best source for answering questions and calming concerns.


Finally, understand and remember that you have “changed” through seasons of your entire life.  The transitions from grade school to high school to college to marriage to children to empty nest…on and on.  You survived, adapted, and, for most, thrived.  This transition can be the same.  While tinged with some sadness and reluctance, this last ‘chapter’ can be one filled with great new memories, friends, and traditions.


Next week’s blog will look at how to combat resistance point #6 Unwillingness to give up stuff.


This blog is written by Kathy Chiero.  Kathy is the Team Lead for The Kathy Chiero Group of Keller Williams Greater Columbus Realtors.  Thinking of Buying or Selling?  Find us www.OurOhioHome.com

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