Bad Credit Good Credit

My credit is bad. Can I buy a house?

No question. Credit is the key determinant of your ability to get a loan and/or the terms of that loan. The better the credit, the better the terms. The credit scoring system is imperfect, but it is the best we have to predict the likelihood of a borrower’s ability and willingness to pay back a […]

couple with calculator

Is the interest rate all that matters when choosing a mortgage broker?

Getting a mortgage is a little like getting married: it is a highly intrusive dive into the financials of your life, and you sign a 30-year commitment. Who you choose to trust with the details is very important and goes way beyond an interest rate? But let’s talk about that interest rate: this little number […]

Realtor showing a home

All Realtors are licensed: are they all good?

Real estate licensing differs in the 50 states in the United States. In Ohio, a licensed Realtor has completed 120 hours of education and passed an exam on State and Federal laws. Our profession requires honesty held in place by written rules and continuing education on servicing the public with the highest standards of ethics. […]

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I’m finding homes on the internet. Do I need my own Realtor?

I get it. You are a DIY-er and you can find lots of great information (and houses!) on the internet so why get tangled up with a high-pressure salesperson? The truth is: you don’t have to. Just like anything else you CAN buy a house without independent representation. And if the homeowner is not using […]

Would You be “Infectious” in Las Vegas?

I thought of this recently. The DownSize Columbus team had a booth at Columbus’ Senior Living Festival at the Hollywood Casino. This annual event in it’s 7th year is a celebration of all things old but great! Members of the Senior Services Roundtable of Columbus and Franklin County conceived the idea of a festive event […]

Immaculate Cape Cod on Pauline Street

To everyone else it was just the immaculate cape cod on Pauline Street. To the neighbors it was George and Doreen’s home for over 40 years. By today’s standards, the tidy 1200 square foot bungalow with one bathroom hardly seems big enough for the three boys raised there. But raised they were, Kevin, Daniel and […]

Have You Ever Attended One of My DownSize Columbus Seminars?

Have you ever attended one of my DownSize Columbus seminars? You know that we spend a good part of our time encouraging our guests to ‘get rid of stuff.’ Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to practice what I preach. I’m sitting with my father in his Texas home office pulling the lid off […]

Gary Tjader Came on My Radar When I Broke a Toilet Tank Lid

Gary Tjader came on my radar when I broke a toilet tank lid. Yes. That pesky piece which one doesn’t appreciate until it slips from your hand, breaks and you are forced to look at replacing. I went to Google. And I found Gary. Gary’s website is an entire website devoted to, yes, you […]

What is DownSizing?

What is Your Story?

There is a Russian proverb that says “when a man dies, a library burns down.” My pre-real estate career was that of a news reporter. I worked for a nationwide cable news network and traveled our nation on assignment. In 1990 I was asked to cover the reopening of Ellis Island. After the immigration station […]

Senior Guide August 2016

I was packing up after another DownsizeColumbus event. The Kathy Chiero Group has presented over a dozen of these seminars, hosting over 2000 Central Ohio downsizers. Charlotte, a woman in her mid-70’s walked up to me and said “I just want to thank you for showing me that I’m not alone and I’m not crazy.” […]