Kari Wharton

My love of helping other people fits well with the joy I find in houses. I count myself lucky to have married these two passions into one profession as a Realtor. From a young age I knew that my calling would someday blend serving others and home ownership. After all, I’ve been part of the home building process for two of my homes growing up as well as moving several times throughout the Midwest and South.
And with every home we built or bought I discovered they were all treasures just waiting to be found. What a joy it was for us to thrive as a family in those homes and I want others to find a house that’s just as special.
I look forward to navigating this journey with those who are seeking the next chapter in their story. If you’re looking for a Realtor with heart who will partner with you to find the perfect place, then I look forward to being of service to you now or in the future.